Engage Your Website Visitors

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So now you have your new website. You have spent THOUSANDS of dollars to make your site look and work just as planned. You are continuously working on SEO and spending additional cash on Pay Per Click. You are ready, right? Wrong! It is one thing to drive prospects to your site but once they get there, you need conversion tools to find out whom they are.

With Pro-Chat Live, you have the best tool in the industry to reach out and encourage a conversation with each visitor to your site. You will know immediately when someone arrives on your site, you will see the pages they are visiting real-time, and once you see them land on a particular piece of inventory, you can send a friendly invite to begin a live chat session. Other companies have automatic invites that pop out every time your prospect changes pages. This frustrates those visitors and if you continue, your visitor will leave.

By strategizing your invite requests, you will get more conversations that will result in more sales. Your customers will have a great experience while visiting your site and will stay on your page for longer periods of time. If you do not have Pro-Chat Live, call Pro-Logic Systems, Inc for a free demo.

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