What Are Clients Are Saying

There have been several systems that have been developed that promise the ability to turn an Internet shopper into a buyer. With the Pro-Logic Systems, Inc., Pro-Chat Live feature running on our web site, we have definitely found one that delivers as advertised.

With the ability to instantly communicate with the customer we are able to speak with them when their interest is at its highest point. Since we’ve added the Pro-Chat Live to our site, we’ve had nothing but great feedback from customers about the ease and convenience of this feature. The information that we are able to see when the customer is on our web site gives us real-time information that we are able to use to market our business better.

Once we signed up with Pro-Logic Systems Inc., we were able to generate enough revenue directly through the Pro-Chat Live feature to pay for it within 48 hours. We have had several customers not only come in to purchase cars but also for our parts and service department.

Finally, the Pro-Logic Systems, Inc. staff has been very professional and eager to help out wherever they can. We look forward to working with them for many years and seeing that innovations they are going to develop to make their system live chat even better!

Patrick GM/Cowboy Toyota

Thank you Pro-Logic Systems, Inc for my new website!  My business was really slow this year and I had a tight budget to get a new website designed and built.  Pro-Logic Systems, Inc built me an affordable website that gets a LOT of traffic.  My business quadrupled within just one month!  I get tons of compliments on the look, feel, and ease of use of my website.  I have been told from other site builders that they would have charged $5K for this site!  Scott and his team took their time to make sure that the site I received is exactly what I was looking for.  It ended up being much more than I ever expected!  I really got a great deal from Pro-Logic Systems, Inc and now my business is thriving.  If anyone needs a website, I highly recommend Scott and his team.

Brad Owner/Economy Lawn Care

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