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Pro-Chat Live is not just an engagement tool, but our software also has industry leading analytics.  Many of our clients believe our analytics are the most valuable asset of our service.  When you invest in Pro-Chat Live, you will be very satisfied with the reports our software generates, helping with the success of your company and maximizing the way your site performs.  We’ve developed Pro-Chat Live to double up as a smart digital reporting system. Comprehensive web reports are an extension of our live chat solution, issued on both on a daily and monthly basis.

Take your pick from 80 static reports. Or build custom ones – you’re not restricted.  We’ll provide you with details on visits, new visitors, prospects, customers, alerts free, alerts paid, views, invites, chats, missed chats, peak visits… it’s a long list. We will give you the information you need to understand your client base and their behavior.  You can get pretty savvy using Pro-Chat Live.  Call Pro-Logic Systems, Inc today to schedule a free demonstration.

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